We always recommend products that we use in our gardens, but sometimes a product comes along that we just fall in love with. When we find these special products we like to work closely with the manufacturer and secure discounts for our friends.

Arden EH500

  • We were approached back in 2019 by Arden to test their new light, the EH500. This light pulls 500 watts from the wall and is based on the Samsung LM301H line of strips. We knew that the strips were going to be high quality, but the build on the EH500 impressed us as soon as we removed it from the box. We have used this light for everything from starting new plants to a full flower run and it has produced quality every time.

    The light is now running in our veg tent and is responsible for the main growth of our plants before they transition into flower.

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The Bucket Company

  • The Bucket Company 10 gallon medical planters are what you see featured in our flower room. Everything in the system has been designed to make life easier or to grow bigger plants. The mesh inserts help with air-pruning of roots, while the bottom "bubbles" allow for complete drainage from the bottom. We even use their return pump setup to pump runoff back up and into the reservoir.

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